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Tahoe Magic originally forms to bring holiday gifts to children who would not otherwise have had this experience. The nonprofit worked with schools to identify these children and Santas would go out to these low income families bringing gifts. Along the way, Tahoe Magic founders realized that many of these families were struggling with keeping basic needs going during the holidays. In response, Tahoe Magic evolved toward providing one-time financial relief to families to help them keep their heat and electricity on, or keep food on the table.


Tahoe Magic continues to organize a financial help network to help respond to local families in South Lake Tahoe with basic needs crises. Every year, Tahoe Magic continues to donate an average of $38,000 a year across hundreds of families living in South Lake Tahoe with one-time financial crisis support.


With the onset of COVID and the shutdown of South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Magic shifts to helping community members with monthly home rental assistance for a total of $357,000 directly to 640 households.

tahoe magic board committee


Tahoe Magic continues with monthly home rental assistance for locals in need for a total of $172,000 directly distributed to 335 households in South Lake Tahoe.


COVID wanes and as people are able to go back to jobs, Tahoe Magic returns to providing one-time crisis help to families in South Lake Tahoe for a total of $112,000 to 135 households.


Back to its original mission, Tahoe Magic strives to help local families in crisis. To date, the nonprofit has donated $112,000 to multiple households in South Lake Tahoe (as of August 2023).

Nearly $800,000 has been donated to our South Lake Tahoe community since the onset of COVID.


In 2024, Tahoe Magic will celebrate its 30-year anniversary serving the most needy families who live in South Lake Tahoe with one-time financial crises funding.