Tahoe Magic forms as a one-time crisis financial help network to assist families living in the South Lake Tahoe community.

1994 - 2022

Every year, Tahoe Magic continues to donate an average of $38,000 a year across hundreds of families living in South Lake Tahoe with one-time financial crisis support.


With the onset of COVID and the shutdown of South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Magic shifts to helping community members with monthly home rental assistance for a total of $357,000 directly to 640 households.

tahoe magic board committee


Tahoe Magic continues with monthly home rental assistance for locals in need for a total of $172,000 directly distributed to 335 households in South Lake Tahoe.


COVID wanes and as people are able to go back to jobs, Tahoe Magic returns to providing one-time crisis help to families in South Lake Tahoe for a total of $112,000 to 135 households.


Back to its original mission, Tahoe Magic strives to help local families in crisis. To date, the nonprofit has donated $57,000 to multiple households in South Lake Tahoe (as of August 2023).

$700,000 donated to our South Lake Tahoe community since the onset of COVID.


In 2024, Tahoe Magic will celebrate its 30-year anniversary serving the most needy families who live in South Lake Tahoe with one-time financial crises funding.