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Tahoe Magic – A little magic can make all the difference in the lives of locals

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – Tahoe Magic will soon celebrate 30 years of bringing “magic” to thousands of individuals and their families at a time when they desperately needed it. Founded as a non-profit in 1994, each year Tahoe Magic has assisted hundreds of families with children experiencing a financial crisis, with financial assistance. Tahoe Magic achieved this because we truly have a community that cares about each other.

South Lake Tahoe has many families that experience a time in their lives when they are unable to pay for essential needs. Essential needs include shelter, electricity, heat, and food. Families may struggle financially because of a job loss, an illness, an accident, a death, or a family status change. For our most fragile families, one unexpected crisis can put them at risk of losing housing, having their utilities shut off, not having transportation to get to their jobs and more. Tahoe Magic can and does help.

Tahoe Magic is unique, and it works directly with referring agencies, our schools, the County Social Services, our library, and all of our socially supportive non-profits and those agencies that work to support families. These agencies apply to Tahoe Magic on behalf of their clients with circumstances qualifying for a crisis assistance referral. Tahoe Magic can then verify and assist with help for the crisis through payment for one of the family’s essential needs. Tahoe Magic never works directly with families.

Annually, we seek community support. Daily we work with our referring agencies that are always looking out for the best interests of their clients. We provided as much as $600,000 annually in relief at the height of COVID for all those families that lost jobs or work hours during that time. We could do this because of local and regional generous donations.

Last year and this year the need was less but still substantial. In 2022 we provided $100,000 for families and we will have provided roughly the same when 2023 comes to a close. We have zero expenses (except stamps and envelopes) and our volunteer board administers funds. Every penny in donations goes back out to our local community neighbors.

Thank you, thank you to our donors who have made this possible. If you are fortunate enough to be counting your blessings this year, please consider those who are struggling in our local community. Go to and find out how you can help.

It does take a village of supporters to sustain our wonderful mountaintop village of South Lake Tahoe. We are all fortunate to call it our home, both for those that can give and for those that need our giving.

– Wendy David, Founder
Tahoe Magic