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Since the onset of COVID-19, Tahoe Magic has raised more than $700,000, which has been donated with the help of referral agencies, directly to people in crisis in South Lake Tahoe.
The Tahoe Magic mission is to help families with basic needs by providing one-time financial support.
Post COVID-19, Tahoe Magic has shifted to directly respond to the rising housing insecurity needs of the South Lake Tahoe community. Housing scarcity is a pressing issue due to the lack of affordable options and the high cost of rentals.
In times of housing insecurity crisis and when other essential needs are evident, this is where Tahoe Magic serves our community.
Tahoe Magic is here for the longer run with a mission to work with referring partners to provide one-time financial crisis assistance to families and our neighbors, during times of unexpected financial adversity and turmoil.
For a glimpse of our yearly results, please see our Timeline & History below.

We Can Help. You Can Help. Here’s How.

Please consider donating for the good of your community — to people you most likely know and appreciate. Tahoe Magic’s financial support efforts to-date are nearing a milestone goal and every donation matters.

100% of your contribution will go to assisting families in our community who are in financial crisis (0% to administrative or overhead costs)

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Timeline & History


Tahoe Magic forms as a one-time crisis financial help network to assist families living in the South Lake Tahoe community.

1994 - 2022

Every year, Tahoe Magic continues to donate an average of $38,000 a year across hundreds of families living in South Lake Tahoe with one-time financial crisis support.


With the onset of COVID and the shutdown of South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Magic shifts to helping community members with monthly home rental assistance for a total of $357,000 directly to 640 households.


Tahoe Magic continues with monthly home rental assistance for locals in need for a total of $172,000 directly distributed to 335 households in South Lake Tahoe.


COVID wanes and as people are able to go back to jobs, Tahoe Magic returns to providing one-time crisis help to families in South Lake Tahoe for a total of $112,000 to 135 households.


Back to its original mission, Tahoe Magic strives to help local families in crisis. To date, the nonprofit has donated $57,000 to multiple households in South Lake Tahoe (as of August 2023).

$700,000 donated to our South Lake Tahoe community since the onset of COVID.


In 2024, Tahoe Magic will celebrate its 30-year anniversary serving the most needy families who live in South Lake Tahoe with one-time financial crises funding.
Financial Crisis Response

Total Impact

from March 2020 to August 2023

1,110 +
Households Served
700,000 =
Total since 2020 to include COVID-19 Response

About Tahoe Magic

For 29 years, Tahoe Magic has provided emergency financial assistance to families in crisis. We are purely local and all volunteer. We have never seen anything on this scale before and the needs are soaring daily. We need your help. Every dollar goes to families. We know how to do this.