Tahoe Magic is successful because of our many partners.

Our referral agencies work with, screen, advocate and communicate the needs of families in crisis to Tahoe Magic. Because we work through referrals exclusively, we have the ability to assure our partner agencies that their donations, grants and supporting funds are being used to assist our low income families with the greatest need.

Tahoe Magic is much like the center of a wheel, the spokes being the many referral agencies that are requesting help for their clients, students, patients and families.

Our partner agencies and individuals, or the outside tire rim of the wheel, enable us to say yes to requests, thus respecting families, responding to needs with compassion and acting immediately to resolve a crisis.

Referring agencies include:

  • Lake Tahoe Unified School District
    • Mt. Tallac staff
    • South Tahoe High School
    • South Tahoe Middle School
    • LTUSD school nurses
  • Mckinney Vento liaison for homeless youth
  • South Lake Tahoe Family Resource Center
  • Live Violence Free
  • Tahoe Youth and Family Services
  • South Lake Tahoe Boys and Girls Club
  • El Dorado County Head Start and Early Head Start
  • El Dorado County Child Protective Service
  • El Dorado County Mental Health Services
  • CASA El Dorado
  • El Dorado County Public Health
  • Barton Memorial Hospital
  • Dr. Mireya Ortega, High Sierra Dental Care

Funding contributors include:

  • El Dorado Community Foundation
  • Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Authority
  • Barton Community Foundation
  • Tahoe Women’s Community Fund