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The Tahoe Bliss Experiences®, together with local small business owners, produced the Virtual Bliss Assembly April 22-25 and raised $570 for Tahoe Magic during the event that included four days of live, online experiences that focused on ways in which each of us can remain mindful, fit, healthy, and aware while remaining safe at home.

Virtual Bliss Assembly is the first of many events to gather local health, wellbeing, and experience providers to share their passions with the community through an online platform. By attending these unique events, participants support Tahoe South small businesses and organizations, gather with the local community, and learn health and wellness techniques that can be applied to daily life.

Participants join via phone, tablet, or computer. Camera and microphone access allows them to engage with our providers and the community. Those attending take part in health and wellness practices, create art, and shift their mindset. They are guided by small business owners and providers who have created these unique experiences in Tahoe South.

​Providers included Maria Mircheva from Sugar Pine Foundation, Ember Speakman from Luna Moth, Craig Newman Art, Tahoe Fire Dancers, Chef Annamarie Greco, artist and guide Kelly Smith Cassidy, musician Robin Orr, coach Ryan Carr, teacher Coco Foy, Dr. Darin Haworth, harpist Anne Roos, Melinda Choy from Elevate Wellness Center, storytellers Meryl Best Lowell and Beverly Sass, writer Suzanne Roberts, Lake Tahoe Yoga, musician Ryan Riff Cassidy, Glittrskin Entertainment, Ninja Courage Alissa Nourse, and occupational therapist Rachel Yakar.

All of the providers donated their time to help raise over $570. Participants, providers, and the Virtual Bliss Assembly team chose as the recipient of the funds. Tahoe Magic focuses on helping families year-round by working with various referring agencies to respond to our most needy families requiring one-time funding because of a crisis in their lives.

Plans are in action for more productions of Virtual Bliss Assembly to take place throughout 2020 and ongoing. Bliss Assembly; an in-person event is tentatively planned for October 2021. We are always seeking sponsors and welcome in-kind donations. Those interested in presenting, guiding, or sharing during the next Virtual Bliss Assembly should contact Bliss Experiences at or visit to learn more.

Originally appeared on South Tahoe Now